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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Nerdicus NES Review # 188 : Double Dragon 2: The Revenge

Title : Double Dragon 2: The Revenge

Publisher : Acclaim

Developer : Acclaim

Genre : Beat 'em Up

Players : 1 / 2 Players

Release Date : 1990

Estimated Value (as of today's date) : $15 - $20

Oy! Every so often I look at my blog, and think to myself, "Damn, I need more free time to update it like I used to." Don't worry, folks. I promise, more updates will be coming soon. Still trying to combine the blog and the youtube channel, and it's hectic as hell with work and all that good 'ol personal life business. Seriously, I wish I could just game 24/7, ha!

And a reminder - here's a link to my youtube channel. Actually have a 150 sub contest going on, so if you want a chance to win some free video games, be sure to check it out!


Last time we did a NES review, we were rocking out on one of the most memorable (and most difficult) beat 'em ups, DOUBLE DRAGON. Well, BIMMY AND JIMMY are back, and this time they are going to get some revenge. After all, Marian just got shot, and well, that doesn't bode to well for the Mysterious Warrior. I really wish they kept the same name as the arcade version for the main antagonist.

I mean, come on. MYSTERIOUS WARRIOR....or MACHINE GUN WILLY. Then you'd have BIMMY (billy), JIMMY, and WILLY. Is it me, or was there some sort of obsession with names ending in "y"

Hope you guys are thirsty for some beat 'em up love, because we're going in hot. 

While I am a huge fan of the Double Dragon series, I have to say I really regret some of the changes that were made from the ARCADE versions to the NINTENDO. I know they had some limitations, but idiotic things like name changes, and even level / enemy designs sort of irk me. I always wished they stayed as true to the original as possible, but you know what I guess you also have to think about it as a fresh start for the 8-bit systems. An opportunity to adapt on an already huge success. With that said, let's get started.

As stated earlier, the famed martial artists Billy and Jimmy are off to get revenge over the death of their lady friend Marian. I really think Marian is sleeping with both of them, but that's just me. You'll have to battle your way through 9 pretty large stages in order to face your final foe, and trust me when I say you'll have tears streaming down your face from the incredible difficulty this game challenges you with.

I swear, you would think these games would get easier as you play them, but nope. They are relentless. At least this game gives you the opportunity to access the entire move sets instead of "leveling up" your characters which is somewhat of an advantage. Still, you need to learn how to properly use these moves as well as adapt to the somewhat irritating hit detection. At least it was better than the first game.

Compared to the first game, the fighting mechanics and controls are a lot smoother, and even the animations feel a bit more fluid. There's a nice variation in enemy design, with a few changes made from the arcade version that gave enemies access to various weapons, adding a bit more uniqueness to the way the NES version was developed. It was always nice to see an enemy hitting you over the head with a pipe.

Still, I feel like the easiest way to defeat an enemy in this game is to just spam special moves and make sure you don't get trapped at the edges of the screen. Either that, or grab them with a nice knee to the face. Doesn't always work though, so you have to be careful. Choose wisely, spam buttons and hope you get the first punch in, or be calm and cautious with each enemy you face.

One thing that CONTINUED to irritate me was the platforming elements. A beat 'em up does not need this, and the controls are NOT made for it. It's like that damn jump in the original TMNT game near the end where you have to be in a precise spot to make some dumb ass one gap jump. Just let me beat the crap out of people, I don't need to make jumps. I'll jump when I want to kick.

From a brilliant soundtrack, to much-improved controls, to a difficulty setting that'll make you cry to your mommy and then scream with joy when you finally beat the damn game, DOUBLE DRAGON 2 offers quite a bit for the average NES gamer.

It's one of those games that you just want to invite your friend over and ask, "You ready? ARE YOU READY!?" - grab a beer, play the game, and ignore your loved ones as you spend an hour or two trudging your way through each level. Oh that glorious feeling when you reach the cut scenes between levels, that were a very nice addition by the way. It actually made you feel more connected to the Lee's story.

Stay tuned for the next NES review, where we finish off the DOUBLE DRAGON series with personal favorite.

Final Score (out of 5) :

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nerdicus SNES Review #68 : Cool Spot

Title : Cool Spot

Publisher : Virgin Interactive

Developer : Virgin Interactive

Genre : Platformer

Players : 1

Release Date : 1993

Estimated Value (as of today's date) : $15 - $20

Ahhhh, it's been a long time since I wrote one of these reviews. But you know what? I needed a break from my damn book edits that have taken over my life the last few months. The good news? The edits have turned out incredible, and I'm absolutely stoked to send it out to publishers with my agent. So high fives all around on that. Bad News? Mentally DRAINING.

ON ANOTHER NOTE - before I get to this COOL review (Ha, see what I did there?) Be sure to check out my YouTube channel which I have been doing a lot of LET'S PLAYS of all the old reviews I've done already, as well as some retro gaming pick up videos. It's been a blast, and eventually I'd like to combine the blog and the youtube videos onto one brand spanking new soon as I finish these damn edits lol.

Here's the link so CHECK IT OUT! 


Now, back to, hold on a second. I just don't get it. How the hell did they ever get the idea to make a game about COOL SPOT? Do you want to know the first time I ever even saw this game? Sit back - it's story time.

I was in Universal Studios, I believe. Where they had the NICKELODEON STUDIOS segment where you can watch a live taping of one of those shows. Okay, I'm not sure if it was an actual show or one of those "theme park" shows, but whatever. Waiting on line, they had GAMING STATIONS set up along the way where you could play sega genesis games. Now, the one game I actually had the chance to play, was SPOT. No one was playing it, so I gave it a shot. A great way to kill time on a line, but that was about it lol. Don't remember much other than that. It was hot, I was sweaty, and there was a fan over the gaming station, so I stood there as long as I could. The End. So, how was the game? Meh, let's talk about it. The SNES one anyway.

Hope you like 7-Up..Make 7...UP YOURS! HA!!

What is a Spot? Well, I guess it's just that spot next to the 7 in the 7-up logo. But what is it then? 7 (DOT) UP? And, come on. We all know SPRITE IS BETTER. And I personally don't know how a spot is a good mascot to sell soda. You know, I'm really sitting here thinking about to what to write about this game. It's so damn bizarre. There's no real story line. I mean seriously how do you make a story line about a soda mascot? Well, you rescue other spot mascots that were obviously kidnapped by soda competitors. No, really I have no idea, but you do have to rescue them lol.

SPOT is your standard platformer, and like most 16-bit platformers at the time, it had some pretty impressive animations.....for an anthropomorphic spot. You go along each level, collecting other spots, and 7-up one ups, all while defeating enemies and getting to the end of the stage. It's a basic rinse and repeat formula, which surprisingly works, although not very original and quite repetitive.

Here is where the game is surprising. You would think that a platformer like this made by a soda company would have some of the worst game play mechanics and controls imaginable. But it doesn't. It's actually quite fluid, and you rarely have to struggle to get your spot to where it's going. The only TRULY annoying part is figuring out the damn shooting mechanics. I don't even know what you're supposed to be shooting. It's like you're snapping out soda bubbles or something. Anyway, it's pretty frustrating at first to shoot, and not move your spot around. But, once you get the hang of it, it's not too too bad.

Besides the visuals, COOL SPOT has some of the most jamming tunes since the Brady Bunch. Nah, it's really not too bad, and pretty damn catchy at that. You'll find it hard to resist bobbing your head as you hop around the sand dunes, or swim in a bottle of soda trying to collect those spots.

So, what's the problem with COOL SPOT? Well, it's not really that memorable. There is pretty much 0 replay value, and the only way you'll get the most out of your money for this game is if you rented it for a weekend. Even then, it's not really worth it, considering you can beat the game in less than 20 minutes. Not even joking, I've seen it done. Still, you could have expected much worse from a game based on soda.

Final Score (out of 5) :

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nerdicus NES Review #187: Double Dragon

Title : Double Dragon

Publisher : Tradewest

Developer : Technos Japan

Genre : Beat 'em Up

Players : 1 / 2 Players

Release Date : 1988

Estimated Value (as of today's date) : $10 - $15

Ahh, tis been awhile since I graced my blog with a video game review, and I am due. My apologies again for the lack of daily updates, but I mentioned before that I am hardcore editing my latest novel right now for submission, as well as building up my youtube channel.

A note! Any contests Ill be having in the future will be held strictly through my youtube channel by way of SUB contests and random contests, so be sure to check out my channel by following the link below! The 100 sub contest is close at hand, and you don't want to miss it!


So, here we are, and by the title of the review I'm sure you know what we're getting ourselves into. DOUBLE DRAGON. Those words bring back so many gaming memories from when I was a tiny tyke. I spent days, upon days attempting to beat this game and not even coming close. I didn't even know this was an arcade game back then. In fact, I just wanted it to play it all the time for two reasons. 1) There were martial artists on the cover kicking some major ass 2) There was a dragon in the title, and you know how I am a sucker for dragons.

Little did I know, that when I started playing this game, it would be the beginning of a 30 year journey until I finally beat it. WHICH I DID....GOD DAMMIT..I DID!!

As soon as you start up the game, you are greeted with some of the most epic music for the NES. I can't even deny it, but this soundtrack is up there in my top ten for greatest soundtracks on the original Nintendo. It's THAT good.

The game has 2 modes - the normal story line mode, and something that is so epic it can only be classified as EXTREME FIGHTING. I'm talking about mode b. I'll talk about this briefly, but it was seriously one of the coolest additions to any game I played. It actually takes 5 of the characters from the Double Dragon game, and pits them in a standard street fighter-styled fighting mini-game. The use of over sized sprites, and the ability to battle against your friend is something that is irresistible. Come on, who didn't play this with a buddy and race head on into each other only to collide and send each other reeling?

Sure, it's not that great, but it was a hell of a lot of fun. Then again, the NES wasn't really built for fighting games so what the hell are you expecting.

Moving on to mode a, which is the actual story line, you really only have a one player mode, although it does give you the two player option. But two players is really just alternating between the same character and switching off, so it's not as fun as the future Double Dragons where you get actual co-op. Once again, this was due to the programming limitations at the time, but was rectified with the sequels (thankfully).

The game starts with your girlfriend getting punched right in the stomach. That's right. PUNCHED. NINTENDO RELEASED A GAME WHERE YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS LITERALLY KNOCKED OUT! I was shocked. Seriously flabbergasted. Of course, as the protagonist, you are seeking out your so-called friend and are about to return the favor. But you have to get through his gang of minions first.

The bottom of the screen shows all the information you'll need to play through the game. Your lives, your points, a life meter, and another meter which is ACTUALLY your move sets. The more enemies you kill, the more move points you earn which allows you to pull off new martial art attacks like flipping the enemy over your back, or doing spin kicks. Trust me, it's worth it to kill everyone and anyone, and there are even some areas where you can repeatedly kill the same guy over and over to ensure you have as many moves as possible early in the game.

You'll battle your way through each level, taking on two enemies at a time on the screen until you can move on to the next portion. And don't think just because you're fighting two enemies that this game will be easy. No...especially not when you're dealing with that bald headed beast, ABOBO. GOD, HOW I HATE ABOBO!!!

And what's worse than one ABOBO? TWO ABOBOS!

Visually, the game is a masterpiece for 1988. It's pretty damn close to the arcade, and the sequels get progressively "prettier." Character designs, and animations are downright flawless (and funny), and the backgrounds and level designs are spot on.

Now, in terms of controls, this game takes quite a bit of getting used to. It's stiff, and slow, even though you can run a bit. Running won't save you though, especially when you are forced to take out enemies that downright brutalize you. And have fun with that hit detection because it can be a pain in the ass at times.

Despite the controls and sloppy mechanics that are rough around the edges, the gameplay is still spot on and addictive and it keeps you coming back for more. The more you die, the more frustrated you get, and the more you want to beat this damn game. It took me 30 yeas I tell you, but I finally did it. I'm not crying...they are tears of joy.

Can't wait to review the upcoming DD games, starring our pals BIMMY AND JIMMY.

Final Score (out of 5) :

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Nerdicus Genesis Review #50 : Comix Zone

Title : Comix Zone

Publisher : Sega

Developer : Sega Technical Institute

Genre : Beat 'Em Up

Players : 1 Player

Release Date : 1995

Estimated Value (as of today's date) : $15 - $20

Little fun fact about me (in case you didn't know already); I dabbled in the comic book industry. That's right. This writer right here, was part of the famed Marvel / DC comic boom! Honestly, no. I never did any real work for Marvel and DC and in fact the only work I did was for independent publishers and a few of the semi-big ones (Image / Dark Horse). Now, those jobs were only acquired by connections, and the only things I did were basic coloring gigs (mostly flats with a few pages of details). 

Hell, the comic book industry is incredibly tough to break into, so if you're trying to, good luck. I'm going to stick with my writing career, which unfortunately is just as difficult. I've chosen some good careers, haven't I?

Now, I've been a comic book buff since I could first read. In fact comic books HELPED me LEARN how to read. No joke. Images + Dialogue = securing a reader's attention. So of course, my love for comics would make me a sucker for comic book based video games. COMIX ZONE for Sega Genesis though, isn't based on any comic book I know, but rather pits you, the player, into a comic book world. Just think about getting sucked into a comic book and having to battle you're way out.....

Sort of like the video for TAKE ON ME.....ha...funny.

1995 is a little bit late for a sega release, but you know what, we still have to give it a shot anyway. Hopefully the comic-styled inspiration can set this game apart from some of the other beat 'em ups..or maybe this should get tossed right into the paper shredder.

And Inkers aren't tracers.

COMIX ZONE stars Sketch Turner (wow...what a name), a starving artist from NYC. Now listen, I've been a starving artist all my life, and we don't all look like this. So, you're working on your brand, spanking new comic called COMIX ZONE about aliens invading earth (yay originality). Here's the kicker, which is quite the fun idea. Now, one night lightning strikes a page of Sketch's comics. Why he would be drawing in a place where lightning could randomly enter in through an open window and electrocute him is beyond me. Now, the powers of lightning end up pulling out the villain from the comic, Mortus, into the real world. What Mortus ends up doing, is shoving YOU into the comic where he draws an endless stream of enemies to kill you. Because, you know, that's what happens when you're brought to life out of a comic.

There's actually QUITE a few twists and turns throughout the game, which I won't spoil for you here if you decide to play it, but what makes this even more incredible is that this is a beat 'em up with TWO ENDINGS! WOW! Of course, one is is bad. But you'll figure it out.

As with any platformer, you'd expect to move side to side, but COMIX ZONE gives it a bit of a variation. Instead of just moving from side to side, you are moving through panels of your own comic strip. Talking about breaking the fourth wall! It's a really clever way of changing up the standard, and brings some fresh life into an otherwise saturated game genre.

Punching and kicking your way through the panels is all well and good, but  you'll also have access to 3 available item slots which you can store pick ups you find along the way. Anything from iced tea to restore your health ( I think it's actually an alcoholic beverage ), bombs and knives for killing, or blowing up barriers, his pet rat...

Okay..hold on. I know we're starving artists but we just don't automatically keep pet rats...well, this guy finds treasure on the screen.

Then there's the SUPER FIST which transforms you into SUPER SKETCH. JOY!

Another little trick is that you can rip off the background of the page and turn into a deadly paper airplane (at expense of some of your health) and use it as a super weapon which can both destroy enemies and damage you greatly if you're not careful. I honestly, forgot entirely about it through most of the playthrough, and only used it once.

I was hooked on this gamer, but it's not without it's problems. First of all, it's INSANELY SHORT. I'm talking only a few levels, and you're done. At least that makes it easy to get both endings but still, I would at least like to play for an hour or 2...not a half hour. 

Secondly, it's hard. I'm talking REALLY HARD. This is one of the most difficult beat 'em ups I have ever played. For some reason, the enemies are just way too overpowered and are able to kill you in a few hits, while you have to punch them thirty or forty times just to kill them. Quite unfair. And don't even get me started on the bosses. CHEAP....

Besides that though, you've got a great game all around with smooth controls, superb graphics and a soundtrack that blows other games out of the water (especially for the Sega Genesis which I rip apart all the time).

I guess my love for comics plays a huge role in why I actually really like this game, but i can understand why there is such a cult following for it too. Too bad they released it so late, because if it wasn't for other game systems being out, this could have been a big one in terms of popularity.

Final Score (out of 5) :

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nerdicus NES Review #186: Double Dare

Title : Double Dare

Publisher : GameTek

Developer : RARE

Genre : Game Show

Players : 1 / 2 Players

Release Date : 1990

Estimated Value (as of today's date) : $10 - $15

Ahhh, the memories of childhood afternoons watching Nickelodeon. All the great shows were on that channel. You had Weinerville, Nick Arcade, Eureka's Castle, Legend's of the Hidden Temple, GUTS, and of course, DOUBLE DARE. Sure these were the "live action" shows, and I don't even have to get into the list of cartoons. When you were a kid, your life REVOLVED around Nickelodeon.

Channel 22 for the old school cable box users who had that old switch box. AM I RIGHT!?

 When you tell me that Nintendo released a DOUBLE DARE game, I can't help but think that this is going to be my only opportunity to take part in the show that every kid dreamed of.

You'd be lying if you said you didn't want to crawl through an ear canal filled with gooey wax just to grab a flag. And who DIDN'T want to get slimed!? I remember going to Nickelodeon Studios in Florida and with my parent's to take my to a live taping. Never did....ah well. Guess I had to stick with the TV. 

So, when this game came out, I had to play it like there was no tomorrow. In fact, it came out for DOS in 1988, but I don't even remember having a computer back then, so I must have only played it on the Nintendo. Sure, it's Double Dare...but you can't even compare it to the TV show.

This is the type of game that you practically NEED to play with a friend. After all, it's the closest you're going to get to a real live Double Dare competition, so you need to bring your friend in on it. Complaint #1 however...that does NOT look like Mark Summers. And it's weird how your forced to choose one of each gender...did Double Dare only pick out the generic American Family with a Mom, Dad, Bro and Sis?! Seriously!?

It plays out just like the TV show however, with 2 rounds of 10 trivia questions (which are utterly random) and of course the Obstacle Course. In between trivia questions, there's also the "challenge" obstacles that you'll have to play and those were always the best. Gotta love it when the families said in unison....after whispering to each other of course...PHYSICAL CHALLENGE. BRING IT ON SUMMERS!!!!

Speaking of Summers...who remembers Summer Sanders...I had a little bit of a crush on her lol.

Trivia rounds are preceded by toss up challenges where you'll do a basic "physical hit the target challenger" Winner gets control of the "board" so it's not that really a big deal. But forget about that, let's get into the mechanics.

The trivia section is's like Jeopardy. But no one cares about the Trivia portion. It's all about the physical challenges, and here is where the game flounders. The controls are clunky, and it is incredibly sluggish. All the kids must not be physically adept because they run as if they are weighted down with cement shoes.

But at least they do pull a lot of the obstacles from the TV show. You'll encounter these if you make it to the last obstacle course (which you'll lose anyway, just like 99% of the kids on the show)


Of course, if you do win, you'll be granted some killer prizes that'll pop out of the back of your NES console. That would be incredible, right?

What can you expect from a game like this? Not much, but as a kid you expected the world. Graphically, it's meh. The soundtrack is okay. But it's the controls and speed that kill it. It's the slowest moving "race" against the clock in a physical based game show.

Still, it does kick up a lot of nostalgia, and it's not THAT bad. Best with a friend, so you can goof off on how you wish you were actually on the show. DARE....DOUBLE DARE!

Final Score (out of 5)

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nerdicus SNES Review #67 : Contra 3 : The Alien Wars

Title : Contra 3 : The Alien Wars

Publisher : Konami

Developer : Konami

Genre : Run and Gun

Players : 1 / 2 Player

Release Date : 1992

Estimated Value (as of today's date) $35 - $45

Forget about the Konami code, because it doesn't work in this game. Hell, this hellish joyride is surely going to make you piddle your pants and cry to your mommy. Sure, I'll go as far as saying it's not as difficult as the first game for the NES, but anytime you see the name CONTRA, you know you are in for a torturous albeit epic gaming experience.

One thing must be said about this game, the box art is amazing. Floating, fiery demon heads in the clouds. A giant skeletal robot thing bursting out of some hole in the wall, creepy bug robots, and angry marines blowing everything to smithereens. I'm sold!

This time, instead of invading the Alien turf and destroying them where they stand, the Aliens are COMING FOR YOU!! It's an all out "ALIEN WAR!" (hence the title) and these two primary color wearing marines are the world's only hope. Do you have what it takes to push the armada back from whence they came and save the galaxy from falling into an alien rule!?

Oh...yeah..forgot to mention. Bill and Lance aren't here anymore. Of course, they'd be dead because it's like 200 years in the future or something. This time, you're Jimbo and Sully....really...Jimbo? SULLY? Is this Monster's INC!? COME ON are bad with names.

Much like the previous Contra, this game is best served with a heaping scoop of 2 player goodness. After all, what better way to get a bullet to the face than with a friend? A friend and choosing the highest lives cap possible. Need I remind you...the KONAMI CODE DOESNT WORK! WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT!? Well, at least they let you choose up to 7 lives (like that's enough...)

Right off the bat, you can tell that Contra 3 is taking full advantage of the technological prowess of the Super Nintendo. You can't get much closer to the arcade classics than this version and it really went all out. This time, there aren't just simple side scrolling and back perspective levels as in the past. Now you've got motorbike chases, missile hopping, and mode 7 galore top down views....which I admit made me nauseous lol.

Gameplay, it remains exactly the same. Blast your way to victory, collecting power ups and destroying bosses. Why change a formula that's been working for a few games already? Hell, this is probably the closest you'll get to the original Contra (which is still the best to me)

Upgrades are the real focus in this game, and you've got all the classics like multi-shot, missiles, and lasers. But there's a few new ones like the flame thrower and barrier shield that will assist you. It's all about picking what's most comfortable to you. At least you dont have to rapidly tap buttons since the blaster cannon is already an automatic.

There's three difficulty modes that you can choose from in this game. You've got easy mode (which is honestly a bit too easy), normal mode (which reminds me of the original Contra), and HARD..which is basically asking to be killed. The real difference between all these difficulty settings is really how the enemies act, and react. Boss fights are the real kicker because bosses will actually introduce new movesets in harder difficulties as well as having less weak spots.

But, you better work your arse off to beat the hard setting, because that's the only way you're going to be able to see the TRUE ending. That's right've gotta beat this game at least twice. Once in normal, and then again in hard to fight the REAL last boss, and get the REAL ending. I won't spoil it for you...because I don't know what it is...because I've never done it. HA!

What isn't there to love about this game? It's a visual masterpiece that's a huge step up from the NES versions, with fluid gameplay and excellent controls. My only qualm about the gameplay were those top down levels. Like I said, they were a bit nausea inducing with all that spinning around, but you get used to it and it is a nice change of pace.

Contra 3 also has one of the greatest soudtracks on the SNES. It's nonstop epic jams that make your palms sweat with agitation as you battle the incoming alien forces. I'm actually listening to it as I write this review ha.

If you're a fan of the Contra series, you can't pass this up. It's a must have. And if you call yourself a gamer, you need to at least challenge yourself to beat hard. I'll be trying again later's hoping I can do it..but I won't.

Final Score (out of 5):

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!