Monday, September 16, 2013

Nerdicus NES Review #7 : The Addams Family : Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt


Title : The Addams Family : Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt

Release Date : 1993

Publisher : Ocean

Just when I thought the Addams Family games couldn't get much worse, I had to start playing this monstrosity. In all honesty, this game makes the first Addams Family game seem like a 10/10 masterpiece. There are so many things wrong with this game, I don't even know where to start. Well, it's not like I have much of a choice now, do I? Might as well get this over with.

Now this game is a lot like the first Addams Family game. It's your basic platformer - running, jumping on enemies, collecting power ups, lives, and candy...of course, candy. What Addams Family game is complete without candy collecting. Ultimate goal of the game? Find your family! Wow, seriously whats with the Addams Family that they continuously getting lost in their own house? Points for originality, eh?

I played this game for approximately 30 mins, which is probably a lot better than most people have done. I'm really struggling to find something good to say about this game. Just one little thing. How about graphics? Well, not really. The artwork is a little cleaner than the first game, but honestly the game just looks flat. What about sound? Don't even get me started. THERE IS NONE. Sure, you've got a few bits of sound effects that repeat throughout the game, but there is NO BG music. I can't stress the importance of BG noise in a game. It adds a whole new element, but there is no saving this game anyway.

In all honesty though, what should you expect though from this game? It was released when the SNES was taking off, and the NES was on it's last leg. It's obvious that the developers just didn't take the time or effort with this game, and put it out as quickly as possible. There's nothing else worth saying, except for this -

What, in GOD'S name, was with PUGLSEY'S FACE!?

That is all. Enjoy your nightmares.

Until next time. Keep on gaming.



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