Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nerdicus NES Review #17 : Adventures in the Magic Kingdom


Title : Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

Publisher : Capcom

Release Date : 1990

Estimated Value (as of today's date) : $5-$7

I was always a sucker for the console Disney games I had when I was a kid. Disney's Aladdin and Lion King come to mind of course, as these were probably some of the greatest. Even for the NES you had some classics such as Duck Tales and Chip N Dales : Rescue Rangers. But I don't think I ever heard about Adventures in the Magic Kingdom until I got my hands on it. 

What a mistake.

Now I have been to Disney World at least fifteen to twenty times in my life time. I'm only 30 years old. That's not an exaggeration. There was a period where I was going once a year due to the fact that my mom was obsessed with that giant rat. She still is. Well, she also worked for the company so we got free park tickets all the time, so who could resist. But you should take a look at my old house. Filled to the brim with Disney memorabilia.

 Anyway, I've had my fair share of adventures, and this game was definitely not one of them. I wouldn't necessarily call it an Adventure. More like a disaster.

Capcom and Disney? How can you go wrong!?
You play as some cowboy hat wearing kid, who looks like a miniature version of Steve Irwin. Or better yet, Crocodile Dundee (who we get to meet in Bayou Billy next!). Apparently Goofy, being the dumb arse that he is, lost a bunch of keys that are needed to unlock the gate and start a parade. So basically Mickey Mouse locks up all his employees until they're allowed to come out and work. Sounds like Disney to me. Now its up to you to find the keys scattered across the various rides around the Magic Kingdom and bring em back to ensure the parade starts on time. 

What an exciting quest.

Wow - the game actually looks pretty decent......
and not anymore. I don't remember the castle being so small....
The game takes no longer than a half hour to finish. I wish I was joking, but I'm not. There are only 6 keys to find, and each area takes about 5 mins MAX to complete. 5 keys in 5 different magic kingdom rides, and one key found by solving trivial pursuit styled riddles from random kids around the park. Thanks to my Disney know-how I was easily able to answer the questions. Psssssh, seriously. Give me a challenge folks.

Puhpuhpuhpuhpuhplease EDDIE!

In regards to the other levels, there's not much in terms of game play. There's only really one level where you actually "attack" things. Otherwise you're jumping over things, or avoiding them all together. You've got a few types of stages based on the ride you're on. Here's the run down -

Haunted Mansion - platformer level

Pirates of the Caribbean - platformer level

Space Mountain - simulated flight (you just choose which direction to go)

Runaway Train - overhead race...sort just choose a track and TRY to find the right ending station

Race Track - a race...where you don't even have to beat anyone, just finish.

That's it......*sigh*

Once you trudge your way through 30 mins of torture, and you successfully find those 6 silver keys, the parade starts. And that's it. That's the game....congratulations. if you bought this when you're a child, you just wasted $50.

This game could have been so much more than it was if they just followed their recipe from other Disney Capcom games.I quickly need to wash this horrible taste out of my month. I know they have quality games out there, but what happened with this one. It felt rushed, and just something that was pumped out to milk some money out of the Disney franchise. It's a shame. 

Want a good MAGIC KINGDOM ADVENTURE? Go play the MAGIC KINGDOM map for Minecraft. Seriously - check it out. Avoid this.

If only the entire game looked like this...

Final Score (out of 5) :

Until next time. Keep on gaming!



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