Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nerdicus NES Review #28 : Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Title : Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Publisher :  SETA

Genre : Action

Players : 1 or 2 Players

Release Date : 1989

Estimated Value (as of today's date) : $5-8

One look at the box art to this game, and Tom Sawyer appears to be quite the bad ass. Those are roaring rapids he's on, and apparently he had to go face to face with the loch ness monster and travel through a giant mushroom forest. Who knew!? I don't remember reading about that back in elementary school. I mean, this is based on the book, right?

Here you are, playing as the fabled Tom Sawyer day dreaming in the middle of class. It sort of reminds me of Day Dreaming Davey (which I I LOVED. I don't care who hates that game, I thought it was incredible). And guess what the game is about. Come on, guess. I dare you. Here's a hint - this plot has already been used in at least half of the games I reviewed so far.

That's right. You're rescuing Becky from Injun Joe. SHE HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED! Another kidnapping. Boy, oh boy. It's also just another one of those typical platformers, that for the most part looks and plays pretty typically. Nothing breathtaking about it.

Case in point below.

The game isn't terrible by any means. It's just so simplistic and dull that it's almost impossible to get into it. The one hit kills are annoying, considering all you can do is jump around enemies and avoid them half the time. Either that or you just spam throwing rocks at them. Although the slingshot is overpowered buhahah. That's what I did. I do find it hysterical that Tom Sawyer explodes into a puff of smoke when he dies. I suppose that signifies his leaving the dream world he's in. 

But what Tom Sawyer game would be complete without a RIVER RAFT sequence!? Side-scroller turns into vertical shooter, but hey at least it changes it up a bit.

You spend your time in each level collecting letters. Why? I don't know, you just do. Extra Lives I'm assuming. Monsters also drop skulls which get rid of your collected letters. Sneaky, eh?

There are also a few mini-bosses / main bosses spread out throughout the levels which were just more annoying versions of the monsters. Once again, the one hit death made these so irritating. Especially when they were doing the same thing I was doing which was spamming projectiles.

The game is only six levels, and should really only take you about an hour or so to beat. There's really not much to it. I can also honestly say it wasn't THAT bad. Sure it's beyond basic, but it's not horrible. There was just nothing special about it. 

At least it was an interesting twist on Tom Sawyer. Although, it isn't much of an educational game, and I don't know who is that obsessed with Tom sawyer that they'd want to buy it. This game could work with any avatar. It could have been a half naked sumo wrestler on a raft fighting alligators and octopus and I still would have the same reaction.

The one thing missing? Huck Finn. Then this game would have been a 5/5 - kidding.

Then again - what other game is there where you fight a giant purple ape as Tom Sawyer?

Final Score (out of 5) :

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