Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Nerdicus SNES Review #55: Carrier Aces

Title : Carrier Aces

Publisher : Cybersoft

Developer : Synergistic Software Inc.

Genre : WWII Action Simulator

Players : 1 Player

Release Date : 1995

Estimated Value (as of today's date) : $7-$10

We're back at it with some Super Nintendo action, this time with a World War II flight simulator. Not one of my favorite genres of video games, but hey what are you going to do. It's my life long quest to play through all these games no matter how much I may not want to. Oh, and I apologize in advance for some lack of capital letters in this upcoming review. Writing from my laptop, and my left shift key is completely busted. 

I also might be a tad bit distracted, because Congo just started playing on Netflix...I can't resist a bad movie, much less a bad video game. So, here we go. Carrier Aces pitting you in epic dog fights between US and Japanese forces, however the twist of this game is you can actually choose between the Japanese and US side. Typically you're defaulted into the US cockpit, so this is a nice change.
Let's make this a quickie, I've got the new blog to design, and these type of games typically are speedy ones. I've got a hankering to blow some planes up anyway.

As stated earlier, Carrier Aces takes place during World War II at the height of the conflict. Dog fighting, and bombing runs were one of the primary methods of battle during this time, so it's no surprise that there were a lot of games based on this for the 8-bit and 16-bit systems (wasn't until the playstation that we were greeted with the good 'ol call of duty series..ha....duty)

Choosing between the Japanese or US forces, you'll take place in various campaign missions from your aircraft carrier. Missions include dog fights, strafing runs, and attacks across islands or various ships scattered across the pacific. And be prepared to take part in quite the array of missions, because this game seems to go on forever, and there's no save mode. So unless you have a couple of hours on your hands, don't dedicate too much time.

In a way there is a bit of strategy involved too, as each mission forces you to gain control of specific areas of the map by completing certain segments. Oh, and take advantage of the training missions as well, because you'll need to learn how to control these aircraft if you want to get anywhere in this game.

At the beginning of each mission, you choose what aircraft you want to bring with you, and each aircraft has their own statistics. So if you're in dog fight mission, you don't want to choose bombing planes, because they'll just be sitting ducks. This is where the strategy element falls in.

Hell, if you don't even like flying you can always just take a seat behind an anti-air craft cannon and try to blow your opponent out of the sky, but have fun with that. It's even harder than flying.

Honestly, the thing i don't like about this game is the split screen. Tends to get on my nerves considering it's showing you both your own planes and opponents aircraft. Unless I'm missing some sort of two player mode that I couldn't figure out......which would make sense for the split screen....anyone have any answers for me?

The visuals are a bit dull, and there is never really much on the screen besides your own planes and a really pitiful looking hud display showing your fuel, ammo, speed, and compass. It's got some weird mix of mode 7 display and weird 2D sprite effects that don't seem to work all that well. I'd much rather take a seat in the aircraft in battlefield for the PS4, which reminds me I need to download the most recent map pack. I really don't take enough advantage of paying the full amount.

Can't say much about the audio or music...there's not much, and whatever music there is it's more like a bad PC game soundtrack. Can't say I was surprised.

All in all - it's just a flight sim strategy game with insanely difficult controls, and it seems to last forever. Not bad, not great. Just below mediocre.....

Final Score (out of 5) :

Until next time, keep on gaming!



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