Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nerdicus SNES Review #58: Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest

Title : Chester Cheetah : Wild Wild Quest

Publisher : Kaneko

Developer : Kaneko

Genre : Action Platformer

Players : 1

Release Date : 1994

Estimated Value (as of today's date) : $10-$15

Joy, another Cheetos game. Listen, Chester Cheetah. I know you're somewhat funny in the commercials, but do we REALLY need two Super Nintendo games that star you? Honestly? The first one was downright awful, so I can just imagine that this one is going to be much of the same. 

Oh, and I just ate a bag of Cheetos last night, if anyone cares. Delicious cheesy morsels.

Anyway, remember in the first game, Chester had to find all the pieces of his bike? Well, he did that, and he's riding his motorcycle to HIP CITY............yeah. Not if Mean Eugene has anything to say about it. Mean Eugene rips up his map of the US, so now Chester has no idea where the hell he is going. He doesn't have a GPS after all. It's up to Chester to basically hop around the US, travel to various states, beat a lot of locals up, and find the map so he can to some party on time with all his friends.

I didn't even know Chester had any friends. And does anyone know if Mean Eugene was in any of those Cheetos commercials back in the day?

You know what this game "sort of" reminds me of? Bubsy. Of course, Bubsy was a lot better, but it really feels like they were trying to harness whatever Bubsy did semi-right and apply it to this game. Of course, when you're working with a mascot brand from Fritolay, you're probably only going to get so far. 

UGH, let's get this crap over with.

One thing I WILL say right off the bat is that this game looks INSANELY better than the first game. I'm talking exponentially. It's like they actually gave a rats arse about how the characters and level design actually looked. Hell, they even took the time to apply some shading to everything so it didn't look like a flat mess as it did in the first one.

Gameplay is a lot like other platformers out for the SNES during the time. I reference Bubsy earlier, but you could pretty much compare it to anything. Levels are large, and you'll need to use all of Chester's abilities to get to hard to reach places, and avoid enemies. Oh, enemies. You are just as annoying in this game as you were in the first. Avoid them as much as possible, because you'll end up killing yourself just by running into them thanks to the horrid controls this game offers.

Do you know what makes me REALLY happy though? Remember the first game how you need sneakers to move even remotely fast? Now Chester can actually run on his own. THANK THE MAKER!! A Cheetah that runs.....the fact that I can actually MOVE in this game means I'm enjoying it. A little..not a lot.

Most of the game is spent hopping from level to level across a map to the United States, where each level is basically designed based off what are you are in. Arizona? Desert. Up north? Snowy levels. California? Big bridge. Enemies are also designed based off the levels - of course, you've got aliens in Nevada, and Cows in Kansas. I'm just making these states up, I'm not sure if that's what they really were as I wasn't paying attention to the exact locations on the map. That, and the names didn't even make sense. If you know the map of the US then you can just figure it out on your own.

Although the funny part is how state-centric they make the levels. The final level being a Nascar race in North Carolina. That's just hilarious.

At the end of each stage you'll fight a boss, which you just really have to jump on their heads or use your special "electric guitar" attack...yup, it's back. Don't worry though, if you die, you can just whip out your bag of cheetos (PRODUCT PLACEMENT!) and be back up again.

Let me say this though, even on the easiest setting, the game is a pain in the arse to beat, thanks to the controls I mentioned earlier, and the fact that monsters tend to just hit you from what seems like ten yards away.

I admit it. Wild Wild Quest is much more enjoyable than it's predecessor, but would I recommend it? No. It's still a VERY poorly made platformer, and the only reason I didn't stop playing immediately, was because I was impressed with how far they came with the piece of crap they originally released a year or so back.

You can tell by the pictures it looks a lot better, and even the level designs are up to par with other standard platformers, but poor controls and horrid hit detection makes this game more of a nuisance than anything.

Oh, but if you're looking for some EPIC jazz tunes, and some sly Chester Cheetah Eat my should give it a shot. Or just go eat a bag of Cheetos which will probably offer equal amounts of fun.

FINAL SCORE (out of 5)

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!



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