Monday, April 7, 2014

Nerdicus SNES Review #12 : Alien 3

Title : Alien 3

Publisher : LJN

Genre : Action Adventure

Players : 1 Player

Release Date : 1993

Estimated Value (as of today's date) : $5-$7

The first time I had the luxury of playing an ALIEN 3 game, it was actually on the NES where three minutes into it I was pretty much ready to smash my system up against the wall and destroy it. So since I "loved" the first Alien 3 game so much, I figured I might as well play the port for the SNES. The game was also released for the Genesis, but that game was almost an exact replica of the NES, and I REALLY don't feel like playing that crap again.

Making a port look pretty can only do so much, ya know?

Once again, we join Ripley in a game that has nothing to do with the movie, where we have to rescue a bunch of prisoners scattered across the prison planet. BUT, that's not all. The SNES version introduces a slew of different missions, so it's not only about rescuing the damn prisoners anymore. *cue the cheers!*

Regardless, I have a strong feeling that it's going to be pretty damn bad. Why you ask? Well, maybe the letters L-J-N have something to do with it.

Right off the bat you can tell the game is a hundred times better than the NES version. The music and sound is creepy as hell, the graphics have improved immensely, and there is even some semblance of a story line going in this game. They score marks in improvements, but is the game even worth it?

I'll compare this game to the Jurassic Park game on the Genesis, and yes I'll even compare it to SUPER METROID (yes, I'm COMPARING it, but I'm not saying it's anywhere CLOSE to being as good as SUPER METROID which is by far in my top 5 games of all time).

As a kid I remember playing this game and having an appreciation for it. It was mindless, and the satisfaction you get in blowing up aliens was pretty damn enjoyable. But here's the thing, playing this as a kid is a lot different than playing it now. Which can be said for a lot of games I've played over the years.

In this game, you go from terminal to terminal accomplishing various missions from destroying enemy hives to yes, rescuing prisoners. At least there isn't any time limit. The one problem with this game unfortunately lies with the core of the game itself. The gameplay is repetitive and tedious, and it's just a whole bunch of running back and forth. It's strange though, as you can say the same for other games but those games added variation to keep the player hooked.

In Alien 3, it's the same scenery and same enemies over and over and over again.The monotony of watching Aliens explode can only carry the game so far. I'll admit, the environments were well done, but it felt flat.

Controls are a bit sporadic. I felt like I always had a hard time at aiming Ripley's gun, and maneuvering around enemies was random luck. I was ALWAYS getting hit and outnumbered, and I constantly had to spam my fire button to clear a path for myself.

Hell, I can complain about this game more if I wanted to, but the truth of the matter is, this ISN'T a bad game for LJN. It's downright decent and enjoyable. I'm not saying there aren't better, because there.

I'm surprised to be saying this, but the game is still worth the play through. Even it is just for having a little fun splattering face-huggers.

Final Score (out of 5) :

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