Friday, May 30, 2014

Copernicus Nerdicus #1 : "Yard Sale Gold"

Well folks, it has begun. The start of the COPERNICUS NERDICUS Web Comic. New strips will be posted every Wednesday and Friday, but if it actually gains some momentum I may do it three times a week instead. For the time being, I'll be posting reviews and comics on the same day, with reviews coming first, and comics coming later on.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the strip. The story line was a blast to work on, and it's honestly great to get back into comics again. Even drawing these quick strips gives me an opportunity to combine my lust for gaming and desire to get back into goofy cartooning again.

What dangers awaits Copernicus???? And have any of you ever seen any games with no label on it at garage sales? Lol..I see it all the time, and when I end up buying em they usually end up being absolute crap, or games that don't even work. Why can't it just be STADIUM EVENTS?

And why the hell can't people take care of their games?!



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