Monday, March 30, 2015

Nerdicus NES Review #184 : Donkey Kong 3


Title : Donkey Kong 3

Publisher : Nintendo

Developer : Nintendo

Genre : Arcade

Players : 1 / 2 Players

Release Date : 1986

Estimated Value (as of today's date) : $15 - $20

My apologies for the delays between reviews everyone, but my schedule has been incredibly hectic the last month. I'm building up my youtube channel now for my Let's Suck Videos as well as Retro Haul pick ups, so that's taking up a lot of my time as I attempt to get that ball rolling. It's a hell of fun though, so I'll say that much! Not fun playing through all these crappy games again though one at a time! Thank God, I'm not attempting to beat them all...hahah. So if you're looking for a laugh, and a crappy gamer playing crappy games, check out the channel! Here's a link -

Besides that, I'm working on a lot of writing projects that are taking up a HUGE amount of time. First off, I'm developing a comic script with a friend of mine that we hope to stop banging out within the next few months. A little online project we've wanted to do for awhile, separate from the old web comics we used to do that were just 3 panel strips. This time, it's more of an online graphic novel. Will post more info on that once it gets closer.

AND finally, I'm working on edits for the next book my agent and I are looking to submit to publishers, so that's the biggy. And if any of you have ever written a book before, and know about the editing, proposal, and submission know how mind numbing it could be!

So, it's time for another Donkey Kong game, and we're at it with DONKEY KONG 3. A weird, little arcade mix where you're literally blasting Donkey Kong up the butt with a water gun. I don't get it...I really don't. But that's really what you do.

This time, instead of playing as JUMP MAN. You're playing as STANLEY THE BUG MAN. Yup, BUG MAN. Donkey Kong apparently has decided to invade some violent hives of jungle insects, which are destroying Stanley's flowers. So, of course, as Stanley, you need to stop Donkey Kong. With a high powered water hose....up the butt....

The game is actually loosely based on another arcade game called SPACE FIREBIRD, that I never played before. It's like a cut and paste, with the Donkey Kong image just plastered all over. I'd prefer Donkey Kong anyway...he's so angry when he gets smacked in the butt with water. Angry enough to climb up a vine and shove his head in a bee hive.

The game is a tad bit different than DK 1 and 2 because in this game, you're not trying to get to the top. Instead, you're running Stanley from left to right, and blasting Donkey Kong and the bugs in order to get Donkey Kong to the top of the screen. He's constantly dropping along 2 vines, and you have to dodge all the incoming insects and focus on spraying him until his head reaches a bee hive and gets trapped inside.

You'll be granted a super soaker spray gun every so often that allows for some insane rapid fire, and really helps in blasting Donkey Kong up quicker, but it only lasts a few seconds. So you really need to take advantage of it when you can.

Much like all the other DK's, there are only a few levels that end up repeating and increase in difficulty. Faster bugs, Faster DK, and more finger mashing. 

There's one major flaw with this game. It doesn't feel like Donkey Kong. In fact, it's probably the worst of the 3 arcade games. Sure, its a bit more visually appealing than the rest, but the game doesn't seem to offer that much in terms of challenging gameplay. It's more of a button masher.

Another wrong direction move was that there are only 3 different level designs, instead of the typical 4. I know 4 isn't even a lot, but they couldn't just work on making one more? The game is just too damn repetitive as it is, and even in the higher difficulties there's not enough variation to make it interesting.

Unfortunately, this game didn't hook me as much as the other two, and in a way fails as really setting itself apart from other arcade classics. For me, it felt like it was just milking the DK name. 

Shame on you DK..prepare yourself for more water in your butt. Enema time!

Final Score (out of 5)

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!



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